Abigail O'bardain

Abigail Odekeye 2

Abigail Ó Bardáin (Abi for short!) is currently the Soprano/Treble  lead and Administrator for AGC Dublin. Born in Lagos Nigeria, Abi moved to Ireland back in 2005 at the tender age of 9 and has lived here ever since.

Abi has been part of the AGCD family since 2011, and has cherished every single moment of it! Being in a choir is hard work and takes dedication, work ethic and commitment. But Abi would say it’s one of the major parts of her growth as a person and as a singer. She’s always had a love of music, the sound, the expression, and the fact that it’s quite universal and uniting but equally beautifully diverse! What she loves about AGC is the fact that it’s an all-round choir (fun and professional at the same time), and has always had a passion for spreading the love of Christ through music. What a perfect combination! AGCD has truly been a family to her over the last few years.

Abi also has the privilege of being an experienced back up vocalist for Adeniyi Allen-Taylor and his Afro beats Orchestra which further fuels her passion and growth in music.  

Outside of AGCD, Abi works for the International Student Experience Team at Trinity College Dublin. She loves to serve the Lord and His people, loves reading, baking, taking walks, travelling/exploring and watching movies. She also loves talking about the Lord! 

Abi would describe herself as optimistic, easy to get along with, open and always up for a laugh.


Abi has been gloriously saved by our Lord Jesus Christ since 2015, and is proud and honoured to call herself a child of God! She seeks to Honour the Lord and live according to His Word and be submitted to His Holy Spirit. This is the way to live!