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About Us


African Gospel Choir Dublin sometimes colloquially referred to as AGC is a 15+ member, all volunteer choir from Western Africa. Originally organised in 2007 by Adeniyi Allen-Taylor for a wedding, the choir has since being co-ordinated by Tomilola Allen-Taylor. 

The 15+ member ensemble blends elements of African Gospel, Negro spirituals, Accapella and American popular music. The choir shows their love of music and joy for life in their music and are also known to delight audiences with repertoire sung in English and their native languages. The choir has recorded movie soundtracks and choral music for various artistes both Africans and Non-Africans, the choir has performed at various concerts including Mela Festival, World gathering of Families, Oba Nla Concert, Sounds of Afrika-Heilbronn Germany just to mention a few. 

The Mission Statement of the Choir is making music with a purpose - to bring people close to the Lord. The choir showcases and helps develop the talents of young African singers in Ireland, and also to present to the world the richness in the voice and the melody of an all African Choir. The goal of the choir is to inspire and influence people positively and to promote Gospel music through African culture.