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Okikiola Jokotoye

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My passion for music started in Children’s church. I sang duets and also danced for church programs. The first time I performed I knew i had stage fright which stopped me from wanting to do more. When I got to secondary school I joined the school choir and I also led praise and worship on assembly from time to time. Having stage fright stopped me from doing solos. I love singing, you would always catch me singing anytime, any-day to the point one might even get tired of me.

When I came to Ireland, I joined the church choir, where I met some amazing singers and coordinators. Being in the choir has made me want to overcome my stage fright and improve my abilities. The first time I went for the Oba Nla concert was last year 2022. I really enjoyed the performances and hoped to be a part of the choir one day. I believed that joining this choir would help me not only with improving my abilities and overcoming stage fright but also grow stronger and stronger in faith. Luckily for me Auntie Tomi spoke to me after choir rehearsals and asked me if I wanted to audition for AGCD. I instantly agreed and was full of joy inside because I never knew it would happen so soon.

In my free time, I make hair. I also enjoy going out to eat and taking long walks while listening to music. I hope to work along side with the choir to continue to

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