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Demi Williams



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Demi Williams


Princess Naomi Oluwademilade Williams known popularly as Demi, was born in Ireland, Dublin but spent the majority of her childhood in London, with her grandma. In 2009, she moved back to Ireland and is now currently living in Blanchardstown. 

Demi graduated from university at 19 with a business management and economics degree and then went on to do a masters in Strategy and Innovation to improve her self, her learning and her career in the business world. 

Demi has been playing the piano since she was 11/12. Funnily enough, the music director of the AGC Dublin choir Adeniyi Allen-Taylor taught her how to play. Demi’s love for playing piano developed as she grew older. Sooner or later she was playing fin her church, Potters House and continues to till this day. 

Towards the end of Demi’s undergraduate degree she drew closer to God, where she was then introduced to her purpose, which is to make music. Since then she has been learning how produce and collaborating with other musicians to get a good grasp on her new craft. 

The year of 2019 Demi allowed God to really take control of her life and He turned it around for the better. Being apart of the AGC choir is only one of the many testimonies God has done for Demi.