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Elizabeth Adeyemo is a treble singer in AGC. She was born in Nigeria, moved to Ireland at the age of 9 and has lived here ever since. Elizabeth joined AGC in 2012, she believes the choir is a safe place for young people to learn about themselves, grow as individuals and use their gifts to glorify God.

Elizabeth graduated from Maynooth University with a bachelor’s in civil law and literature. She is currently completing her master’s degree in DCU, studying Political Communications. Her passion for the creative arts inspired her to develop, ‘Forget The Walls’ podcast. The podcast promotes the deconstruction of socially constructed ideas that keep us trapped in dysfunctional patterns of thought and behaviour. 

Recently, Elizabeth started developing her relationship with God. Invested in the process of learning about herself, she is seeking to understand her identity through the lens of Christ. She hopes this journey impacts the lives around her in positive ways.

Elizabeth would describe herself as passionate, creative, innovative and emotional. In her spare time, Elizabeth loves writing poetry, watching movies and socializing with friends.

Elizabeth Adeyemo