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Esther Samuel

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Esther Samuel

Esther Samuel is the Assistant Choir Director of the African Gospel Choir, Dublin. She was born in Lagos Nigeria and bred in Dublin Ireland. Esther is a self proclaimed ‘Musical Lover of Christ’, with a passion for music from a very young age, she seized the opportunity to join the choir after their performance at her church left her mesmerised by their melodious harmonies. She was thrilled to be accepted into the choir and has been a member since 2009. Since then she has been a devoted member of the choir and her dedication and experience was noted as she was offered the position of Assistant Choir Director. She has assisted in organising the choir for various events, weddings, festivals and concerts both in Ireland and overseas.


Esther has also been a professional backing vocalist for various artists including Adeniyi Allen-Taylor, Mike Aremu, Mairo Ese, Deon Kipping to name a few. The choir has seen her through many stages of her life from secondary school to graduating as a Registered Midwife to singing her down the aisle. It goes without saying the choir has played a big part in her life. She is a strong believer of the vision and mission of the choir to make ‘music with a purpose - to bring people close to the Lord’.

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