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Join date: Jan 12, 2019


My Name is Stephanie. I joined AGC back in 2010 but then left in 2012 and rejoined in 2017! It's been a blessing being part of the group again.

Im 23 years old and have a Bachelors degree in Chemical and pharamaceteucal science. I currently work as a lab analyst.

I've always enjoyed singing. As a little girl I would turn on the fan and sing into it because it had a microphone effect! I also loved singing in large empty rooms as I loved the way the echos made my voice sound!

AGC has provided me with an opportunity to serve God with the gift He gave me. I truly pray that my service is acceptable unto Him as that is what matters most. I'm truly excited as I think about the various opportunities the Lord is presenting the group with so we can proclaim the name of Christ around the world!

Stephanie Thomas

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