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Remi Adeshoye



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Remi Adeshoye

Aderemi Adeshoye (mainly known as Remi)  was born in Dublin and currently resides in the midland town of Longford. Remi is an 18 year old Law student at Maynooth University. She became a member of AGCD in 2019. She sings treble and alto in the choir.


Remi was the runner up for Treasure Unraveled Gospel Competition 2018, from this experience she then proceeded to audition for AGC as a way to keep exercising her talents, and to get closer to God. She is a member of her church choir and takes pride in singing for Christ.


Remi is interested in art, fashion and music and hopes to start a podcast in the near future discussing these topics. She expresses her creativity through song writing and drawing  she is currently teaching herself to play the piano, and can’t wait to start her own vinyl collection.
Remi would describe herself as shy, creative, observant and passionate, she is excited for her future at AGC!