Tosin Olusoga

Tosin Olusoga.jpg

Tosin Olusoga is a fun-loving, kind hearted lover of God who is from Nigeria. Tosin has always been a lover of music and performance right from her childhood and was privileged enough to sing alongside the National Chamber Choir of Ireland back in 2007 during the musical performance of "The Torc of Gold".

After graduating from University College Dublin, Tosin moved to the UK where she continued in music ministry in her new church home. After returning to Ireland, Tosin sought to find a choir family where she could continue to use her God-given talents to bring people closer to God. Tosin soon found AGC Dublin. She was so inspired by their work and mission and desired to be a part of it. She is now one of the Treble singers in AGC and enjoys every minute spent ministering and spreading joy and God's love to others through music.

Tosin describes herself as someone who is ambitious, hard-working, compassionate and always ready to lend a listening ear. She has a passion to help, educate and empower others in her field of expertise. She also enjoys reading inspirational books, podcasting and having a good laugh with friends and family.