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Piuslyn Oyegunna

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Piuslyn Aizuwanjeme Oyegunna is the Alto Lead for African Gospel Choir, Dublin. She is half Nigerian and half American. She is born to Nigerian parents, raised in Dublin, Ireland and now resides in Cork, Ireland. She would like it to be known that she is the first and only Piuslyn and that her unique name is a combination of her parents' names.

Piuslyn has been a part of this great family (AGC) for over 7 years now and has enjoyed every moment of it. She joined because she loves to sing and has always enjoyed and appreciated when a choir sounds unified with spectacular blended harmonies. Side Note: She really loves listening to harmonies and slick riffs and runs.

Aside from music, Piuslyn enjoys movies, helping others, advising, food and reading. In her spare time she studies for her Professional Law Exams and works for Telus International. She is a Youth Teacher and also an active choir member in her place of worship. As well as qualifications in Law, Piuslyn also has qualifications in Sound Engineering. Piuslyn aspires to be happy, serve God with her instrument(s) and to make heaven.

Piuslyn would say she's a chill person who is ready to make people laugh and smile but when it's time to fix up and do what is needed, she's on it. Piuslyn sees herself as someone who is easy to talk to and quite open. Piuslyn's time in AGC so far has included musical and spiritual growth, fun, love and banter. She can testify that there is never a dull day in AGC - from learning about our Father in Heaven to cracking jokes, she's happy to say the choir has it all. Piuslyn believes a healthy choir should be able to balance both because doing the Lord's work shouldn't be a chore but should be fun and rewarding as well. She loves that as a choir and individually, AGC knows who they represent as they step out to minister and though they have moments of fun, the vision is never lost.

God Bless 

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