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Hi Adeniyi,


A huge thank you to you and your choir colleagues for enhancing our event last night with your beautiful music and singing.  Thank you for your flexibility and patience too.



I am particularly grateful for the time you committed to preparing for this event, for
meeting in RCSI beforehand, and for your expertise and collaboration with the song
choices for the evening. I know this took considerable time and thought, and the song
choices greatly supported the theme and contributions on the evening.
Thank you for the amazing and beautiful performances throughout the evening. The
music was just excellent, and added to a wonderful ambiance in the College Hall. I
was particularly delighted to see the great interaction with the audience as we neared
the end of the evening. Thank you too for leading the ‘Flash Mob’!
The Christmas Gathering was a truly wonderful evening, and the Choir were central
to the success of the evening.

Ms Mary.


Dear Adeniyi and all members of the AGC, Dublin


I hardly know where or how to begin to explain what you brought to Clonard on Wednesday evening last. Like the finest of music, it was beyond words in many ways.


You arrived so well prepared, knowing your Irish AND off the book!  Bravi tutti. Firstly, I could understand you singing in Irish – that is quite a rare thing in choirs, to be able to hear clearly the diction of a difficult language not native to the members. And then you sang everything so musically, with such commitment and grace. You brought tears to many, many people there, including myself. It was for me an exceptional evening, and you were utterly epicentral to that. Thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I would dearly love for us all to have other opportunities to perform this concert again and will actively seek out ways of trying to make this happen.


Thank you all so very much – mo bhuíochas ó chroí daoibh go léir.





Sorry for the delay in emailing you but I have had family staying all week. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the choir. I had so many people stop me at the reception to say how much they enjoyed the music and singing. If you are interested, I can send you the picture the photographer took in the church of us and the choir together.

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