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Yearly article 2021

African Gospel Choir Dublin 2021

2021 has come and gone and what a fantastic year it was for us individually and collectively as a choir. You could say we started off this year expecting things to be a bit different than 2020 and hoping we would return to a rosy-upgraded-2019 but that wasn’t the case.

That said, in the midst of the growing changes in society AGC grew in numbers, testimonies, experience and Faith.


As you know 2020 was a virtual experience for us and we did our best to change with the times and I’m proud to say we improved with every video we did and because of our Music Director - Adeniyi Allen Taylor, Choir Director - Tomilola Allen-Taylor and Assistant Choir Director - Esther Samuel, 2021 was no different. They kept the banner flying, love pouring and prayers flowing for all members and we appreciate them for it. Below is how we spent our 2021 leveling up in all things music, faith, relationship and thanksgiving; truth be told it was GOD from beginning to the end.

  • We started off the year with what we call Worship Wednesday. This is where once every month a small group of us would meet, if possible, to Worship God in one way or another. We had different groups worshiping God with a poem, singing, conversations and much more. Click here to check them out: 

  • Our first cover video of 2021 was “Diamonds” and what a positive way it was to begin the year ahead; reminding ourselves and the world that GOD makes no mistakes and we are all created in his perfect image and likeness. Not only that but as Children of God we are “the light of the world.” Click the link below to hear our beautiful cover: 

  • As the year moved along swiftly we ministered virtually for African Day and covered “Khumbaya”. It is one of our all time favorites because of the arrangement, lyrics and overall meaning. Khumbaya simply means "Come By Here" which is an invitation to GOD into all our situations. Click the link below to listen and sing along: 

  • We were very excited to get back to singing in person with our very first event in August. One of our favorite jobs is singing at weddings and getting the privilege of being a part of a couples special day. Each wedding is special in its own way and we are always honored to be part of them! We got to be a part of Edel’s wedding at the very beautiful Kilternan church in Dublin (the famous blue church)

  • Our next ministration was physical and it was at the “We are Family Festival” in Wicklow. It was truly a family atmosphere, and we really enjoyed every bit of it! It was amazing to see so many families out having a great time. They were such a great audience! We can’t wait to have more in 2022. Click the link below to see how much fun we had: 

  • As much work as we were blessed with this year, we also had a lot of fun bonding! Our first bonding activity this year was a virtual pizza party back in April, where we each made pizzas from kits and shared stories and pictures of our creations over zoom. We also celebrated the August bank Holiday with a super fun AGC sports day with members, our friends and family. 

  • AGC is not without it’s individual milestones, testimonies and celebrations. Within our choir some of us became wives, mothers, home owners, car owners, graduates and much much more just in 2021. As GOD increased us as a choir he made sure to increase us in our personal lives too. We can’t but thank and acknowledge GOD for his consistency, kindness and agape love in 2021 to every one of us. As difficult as the year may have been, we have so much to celebrate and be grateful for.

  • As the year drew to a close we ministered virtually at yet another successful Oba Nla concert. This year was especially special as we truly saw the hand of GOD in our midst. With so few possible rehearsals we lived on the word that “with GOD all things are possible” and by the end of the concert we truly marveled at what we are indeed capable of when we put in 100% and remember who we do this for, Jesus Christ. Click the link below to enjoy the 2021 Oba Nla experience: 

  • Lastly we concluded 2021 with an exciting much needed AGC retreat; where we went away for a few days; ate, danced, laughed, exchanged gifts and spoke about what we were thankful for and what we hoped for 2022. Of course not without sending a personal Christmas Medley to both the Beneavin House Nursing Home and the Clearbrook Nursing Home. Click the link below to listen: 

We hope you enjoyed this short trip down memory lane and we wish you a Happy New Year and pray that your 2022 will bring you double portions of everything GOD has positioned and prepared for you.


God Bless.

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