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Yearly article 2022

African Gospel Choir Dublin 2022

Wohoo, another year has flown by and what a year it was. 

2022 really saw AGCD getting back into our well known flow. It’s like our aim for 2022 was establishment, development and firsts  (you’ll find out more below).

We are so grateful to God for seeing us through the last couple of years and to all who remained supportive through the last 2 years. 2022 was truly a testament to the faithfulness of God and what hard work, faith, and perseverance can bring. 
We can say AGCD is back fully loaded. 

Find out what we got up to in 2022:

Tullow Parish Concert
“Tullow is completely sold out” - yup, it happened. We started off the year with a sold out concert! Coming out of a pandemic to see that people were eager to hear and experience the African Gospel Choir was just the spark we needed to start the year. We were nervous of course as it was our first in person event but those nerves quickly disappeared once we opened our hearts and mouths to sing and show we serve a living God and nothing can keep us down.

Africa Day
Of course you know we could not miss out on celebrating Africa Day. We collaborated with Gardnier Street Choir and also ministered at the Dun Laoghaire Africa Day Event.

Gospel Rising “Super Soul Sunday” Festival here
African Gospel Choir, Dublin were in attendance at the Gospel Rising Festival and what a soulful experience it was. The performances were just chefs kiss and we truly enjoyed ourselves on stage. The energy from the crowd was infectious from beginning to end and really does encourage us to keep up the work. AGC got SOUL! Need I say more?!

Music Video
We dropped our very first music video! I wasn’t joking when I said 2022 was a year of development. We worked so hard on bringing to your screens the full experience of what to expect with AGC singing at your wedding. I won’t spoil it for you but all I’ll say is; Love is Beautiful.

Logo change, new jumpers and registered company
Can someone say “next level”! AGCD is truly moving higher and higher. You may have noticed us looking a little brand new! Well we upgraded our Logo, Jumper and Status. It can only be God.

Weddings on Weddings on Weddings 
As always Weddings Galore! You can always find AGC at weddings around Ireland and 2022 was not shy of it. As we slowly moved back to pre-pandemic ways our phones were buzzing from couples eager to have us add a little melody to their beautiful day. Thank you all for always trusting us to make your day extra special.

Oba Nla concert
You already know! OBA NLA is no stranger to AGC; we go together like harmonies and melodies. Oba Nla 2022 welcomed back the in-person live concert experience and AGC was ready to bring the house down. We brought you big, powerful anointed songs that you can’t but sing over and over again. No words can truly explain the electricity, fire of God and sound that was in that concert hall but luckily enough you can experience that for yourself. 

RTE “Lost in Music” Documentary with Toshin

Lights, Camera, Action.
AGCD, coming to you live and direct! We featured in a Foster & Allen two-part documentary with our beautiful sister Toshin. We are so grateful for the opportunity to bring Gospel to our local screens.

Black History Month.
This year we celebrated BHM at Indeed and Google. It’s always a privilege to share our music with great companies working to bring diversity and inclusion.

Church Ministrations
AGCD was invited to many churches for some inhouse ministrations and how could we say no. Church is our home and we truly felt at home while at “Armagh Pentecostal Church” and “RCCG Belfast”.

Christmas Show 
It’s totally like AGCD to end the year with a Christmas Show at RCSI Nursing and Midwifery Ireland. We enjoyed bringing some Christmas cheer. 

We hope you enjoyed our short recap of how we truly took 2022 by storm. 
We came, we saw and we conquered; to the Glory of God.

Watch this space for our 2023 article; it’s already loading!

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