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Tolu Adeoti

Tolu Adeoti's picture


Toluwalope Adeoti, also known as Tolu, was born in Westmeath Ireland and later moved to Drogheda after her two siblings were born.

Tolu has always had a passion for music since being a little girl. She would sing whenever she got the opportunity to. These include the children’s choir in her church, the youth choir, the main church choir, the school choir and also recording songs for her school musical.

Tolu has seen AGCD perform at every Oba Nla Concert since 2011 and always had an interest in them. She knew every song, word for word and exactly how they sang it. At the time she was still very young and so she wasn’t able to join. Although when she became of age her shyness wouldn’t allow herself to be put out there and so she stayed put.

The choir was to sing at The World Meeting of Families during Pope Francis’ visit in 2018 and also at the Mela Festival in Belfast. The weeks coming up to these events Tolu was asked to join the choir to perform with them. Without a doubt Tolu was elated and of course didn’t turn the opportunity down. Upon her performing with the choir, she found that she really enjoyed the experience and was upset to leave after these events. After much consideration Tolu joined the choir in February 2019 and has loved every moment of it.

Tolu is a lover of music and a lover of God, therefore AGCD has allowed her to combine both of these passions together. She is the Tenor lead in the choir.

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