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Tomilola Allen-Taylor

Tomilola Allen-Taylor's Picture
Tomilola Allen-Taylor is the Choir director of African Gospel Choir Dublin, colloquially referred to as AGC which she co-founded with Adeniyi Allen-Taylor in 2008.
Tomilola conducts the choir at weddings, festivals, concerts and recording sessions. She organised the choir for an African performance "Shosholoza" at the World Meeting of Family during the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland in 2018. She is also the co-host of Oba Nla Concert in Ireland. Tomilola is an experienced session back-up vocalist and provides backing vocals for artistes, movie soundtracks and voice overs.
Tomilola has a youth ministry and passionate to see young people come to know their purpose. She is a motivator for young adults helping them to discover their potential, develop their plan, and deploy it with purpose.
Tomilola originates from Nigeria in West Africa and moved to Ireland in 2000. She currently lives in Ireland with her husband and two children.
She would like to be remembered as someone who brought the soulful Music of West Africa to the outside world and an inspiration to youth all over the world.


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