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Dammy Olaniyi

Dammy Olaniyi's picture


Dammy Olaniyi is a treble singer and currently the assistant administrator for AGC Dublin. She joined the choir in 2017 after watching numerous of their previous performances at festivals and concerts such as OBANLA concert. Being part of the choir has taught her how to pay attention to detail and the fundamentals of choral music. Being part of the choir has also lead to many traveling opportunities, providing backing vocals and collaborations with other talented artists.

Dammy is a Trinity Scholar in her final year of her undergraduate degree. As a Trinity scholar, Dammy is extremely dedicated to the attainment of educational fulfilment. For this reason, Dammy is involved in ongoing mentoring programmes with the overall
aim to encourage, facilitate and provide access to third level education for all young people regardless of circumstances.
Outside of her degree and AGCD, Dammy loves all things to do with performance and entertainment. This has lead to her involvement in her church choir and her work as a freelance model and actress.  You can also always find her immersed in one book or another.  

As a Christian, the choirs mission to make music with a purpose (bringing people closer to God) is one that she can wholeheartedly identify with.

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