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Jessica Ogujawa

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Jessica Onyinyechukwu Chinwendu Ogujawa  was born in Los Angeles, lived in London after her brother was born and spent the remainder of her first five years in Nigeria before moving to Ireland in 2003, where her little sister was born. Her family home is now in a little town called Letterkenny (Co. Donegal). 


She studied in Maynooth University (Co. Kildare) and is currently a graduate of biomedical science furthering her education in analytical chemistry - the study of substances (their chemical and structural properties) which are used to produce useful products that are used on a daily basis like medicines, food products, etc. In her free time she loves to create through writing, art, fashion and music. 


AGCD has become a valuable outlet for Jessica to express her love for music. She spends a lot of time listening to music but never really had the opportunity to use her own vocal instrument to spread God’s love and message. So as He would have it, she was invited to a Christian programme years back where AGCD ministered. Moved by the ministration she knew that one day she would partake in the movement. A year or two after that she met a formerly active AGCD member at a wedding and through her was able to get in contact with Music director Adeniyi Allen Taylor to book an audition and from then became a member of the choir!


Jessica has always considered herself to be introverted, so it took some faith to place herself in a position where exposure was inevitable. But her experience so far has taught her that the source of fear is often pride and to truly honour God with your gift, one must lift their focus from themselves and set it on the One who gifted it to them. He empowers us to use it for His purpose so that our mentality shifts from what can I gain to what can I give? That is ministry. 

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