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Kiishi Allen-Taylor

Kiishi A.JPG

Iteoluwakiishi also known as Kiishi Allen-Taylor  is currently  the youngest member of African Gospel Choir Dublin . Kiishi was born in Drogheda Co. Louth  and now currently lives in Duleek Co.  Meath with her family.

Kiishi was born into a very musical family, which helped her passion for music to grow. As a little girl Kiishi used to bop around to any tune she heard and always tried to sing along even if she didn’t know the lyrics. As she grew older and her passion grew stronger. She began to train and develop her voice with the help of her mother and father. She was offered so many opportunities which helped her develop her voice.

Kiishi was born into AGC as her mother and father ran the choir and she grew up listening and singing along to all the songs. It was always a dream of hers to join AGC because she looked up to the AGC members and wanted to be just like them. At some rehearsals when she was younger she would get a stool and stand on it beside her Aunt Bolu and sing along with the choir .

 She finally got the opportunity to sing with the choir in August 2018. She first sang with them during Mela 2018 and then the Festival of Families during Pope Francis’ visit to Ireland. All Kiishi’s dreams came true as all Kiishi ever loved doing was revolved around music ,singing , dancing and listen to music .

Music helps Kiishi express her emotions and AGC helps her grow spiritually and vocally. So mixing those two together is just perfect for her.

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