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Charles -Okoro

Muna Okoro's picture

Munachimso Charles-Okoro, commonly called Muna, was born in Dublin Ireland and moved to Nigeria when she was eight years old. She then moved back to Ireland at the age of fourteen. 


Muna has always had an interest in music as she has always found peace and happiness from music, especially Gospel music. She played the violin in her school orchestra in primary school and continued for some years in secondary school. She would love to learn how to play the keyboard and guitar too. Muna noticed her love for singing later on, when she was about twelve years old. She had always been a shy singer, so she stuck to group performances, rather than solos. Since then, she has been singing in school choirs, giving special numbers during church services in school and she is an active member of her church choir. She also likes dancing even though she's not very good at it.


Muna heard about AGCD from a friend who is a member of the choir. The thought of a choir filled with Africans who obviously Iove God and music was extremely intriguing to her. Once she heard about them, she watched some of their performances online and instantly fell in love. She ended up auditioning within a few months and she joined the choir in January 2020.


Muna would describe herself as someone who can be quite reserved and shy when she first meets people, but once she's comfortable around you, you'll probably think she's a completely different person. She is also very diligent and tries to do everything to the best of her ability.


Muna can't wait to see where her journey with AGCD takes her but she knows that it will definitely be one of the main highlights of her life. She hopes to grow in confidence as a performer and also grow much closer to God through her new musical family.

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