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Oyin Adelegan

Oyin Adenegan's picture

Oyindamola Adelegan, popularly known as “Oyin” was born in Dublin, Ireland in the early 2000’s but has resided in Drogheda for the majority of her life in Ireland. She is a alto singer in the choir which she joined in August of 2019.

She has always found a delight in all things music for as long as she can remember and singing was more than just words to her, but was a way she could, and always has expressed her love for the Lord.

Joining AGCD was one of the best decisions she has made so far which has led to her growth as an individual; both musically and spiritually, learning to be more confident in herself and her beliefs. After watching their videos countless times online and watching them perform live at Oba Nla Concert for many years , it had always been her dream to one day join them on their journey to bring people to Christ. The choir to her is more than just a group of individuals, but is a family who are always there for one another, while at the same time blessing people with their ministrations.

Outside of music, she is a dedicated basketball player, accumulating various awards over the years. She hopes to be of aid to others in her future career paths and will continuously work at fulfilling God’s purpose for her life. Oyin would describe herself as someone with many layers, but is very caring, sincere and generous once you have gotten to know her. She is also a very motivated individual who will try at anything she puts her mind to.

As she sustains her time in the AGCD she hopes that her love for God will only grow and that others will be truly blessed as the choir continues to represent Jesus Christ.

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