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Rachael Akano

Rachael Akano's profile picture

Rachael Akano is currently the newest addition to the AGC choir. Born in Co.Dublin and currently living in Co.Louth, Rachael was born and raised in Eastern Ireland. As a child, Rachael had an undeniable passion for music and performing.  Her earliest memories are all centered around music. The first time she sang in front of a crowd was at her pre-school graduation and since then, her passion and love for music has only grown deeper.
Rachael has been following AGC since 2019 but only took the step of joining the choir in March 2021. It’s fair to say that Rachael experienced what some may call a culture shock when she joined the choir. Rachael’s musical background consists mainly of contemporary worship, county and blues music. She is a singer-songwriter, guitarist who also dabbles in spoken word and poetry. Her time at AGC has been her first real experience of gospel and African music. Rachael loves every minute of learning about different styles of music, growing as a performer and developing her musical skills.
Rachael has fully submerged herself into gospel music but has also maintained her contemporary style in a way that adds a certain flare to the choir.
Rachael made her official debut as an AGC member at Oba Nla concert 2021 and has since partaken in a number of shows and concerts as part a member of the choir. She continues to advance as a gospel singer and as a member of AGC.

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